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Sex & St. Paul the Realist Reidulf Molvaer

Sex & St. Paul the Realist

Reidulf Molvaer

Published December 1st 2008
ISBN : 9781606933237
152 pages
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 About the Book 

St. Paul was, in many ways, an ascetic and happy to be so, but he refused to make asceticism a general model or ideal for Christians - most people cannot live by such principles, especially in the area of sex. In the seventh chapter of his first letter to Corinth, he rejects any appeal for his support of sexual abstinence as ethically superior to active sexual relations. He sets limits, but does not limit legitimate sexual relations to marriage. In his day, it was commonly believed that homosexual practice, more easily than heterosexual relations, could bring people into harmony with the unchangeable nature of God. This Paul strongly rejects in the first chapter of his letter to Rome. Otherwise he does not write about natural homosexuality. In fact, it is a logical inference from the principles he sets forth in his letter to Corinth that loving, lasting homosexual relations are ethically as valid as heterosexual relations. Dr. Molvaer maintains that insight into contemporary ideologies can be a help to understanding what the New Testament says about these matters.Today, as in the early Church, extraneous influences in these areas can easily distort genuine Christian moral concerns as they are stated by Christ and St. Paul. Reidulf Molvaer was born in Norway in 1937 and married in 1980 and now has four sons. He was educated in Norway (Oslo) and England (London University, PhD), worked 20 years in Africa in development work for churches and the UN and was a senior researcher in Oslo until retirement.