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Booker: Hate City John W. Mefford

Booker: Hate City

John W. Mefford

Published April 16th 2015
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

After a life filled with destruction of others and himself, and his body ravaged by disease, theres only one thing left for Javier Calero to do. Leave a legacy that will finally bring meaning to his life—and to the death of an American president more than fifty years ago.The CEO of a green energy company is murdered behind his million-dollar estate, his neck nearly severed in two. Recruited to aid the widow and find a savage killer, Booker finds himself in the middle of a family train wreck.Days later, thrust into the crossfire of a deadly sniper, Booker eludes sure death with the uncanny arrival of a young woman who only wants to save her father from harm. But she cant do it without Bookers help.Joining forces with a Latin spitfire, Booker and his new sidekick, Maggie, embark on a twenty-four-hour quest to hunt down a killer determined to make an indelible mark on history—just like the one that struck down John F. Kennedy a half-century earlier, which launched a cascade of assassination investigations and theories.Booker - Hate City (Volume 3) weaves a historic tale of thrills and suspense, examining the justifications of the unjustifiable.Fans of Alex Cross and Jack Reacher will enjoy this private investigator thriller novel full of suspense, action, and crime.Q&A with author John W. Mefford:Q: What made you want to write a private investigator series?JWM: Ive always had strong desire to write private investigator thriller novels. When I was young, I was drawn to books, TV shows, and movies that featured a private detective with a little bit of attitude, a rebellious streak so to speak, a determined, gritty soul who used every gift they possessed to solve the case, but for a higher purpose than just paying the rent. I enjoy private detective novels that know how to create and build suspense...and then deliver a mind-splitting thriller with plenty of crackling action.Q: What can we expect out of the Booker Private Investigator Thriller Series of Crime and Suspense?JWM: To put it simply -- a roller-coaster ride brimming with action and suspense. The characters are tested to their limits, Booker in particular, which adds all sorts of interesting layers to his evolution. Theres always a bit of humor mixed in, along with a healthy dose of pulse-pounding thrills. Born in South Dallas, Booker is driven to do anything in his power to protect the mixed bag of people living in his city. But even with the best intentions, Booker is dragged into seedy situations, slammed into obstacles that seem insurmountable. The mans got substance, though, which make his thriller moments even more powerful.Q: How many books are you planning to publish in the BOOKER Private Investigator Thriller Series of Crime and Suspense?JWM: Six and a half. Sort of. Six full BOOKER private investigator thriller novels are planned for release in 2015. And I might have a BOOKER novella to share with my readers as well. Its in the surprise bucket that I hope to open in the next couple of months. After that, there could be more. I can envision at least two more stories.Booker Private Investigator Thriller Series of Crime and Suspense eBook categories include:Private Investigator SeriesPrivate Investigator Thriller SeriesPrivate Investigator Thriller NovelsPrivate Investigator Suspense Thriller SeriesPrivate Investigator ActionPrivate Investigator ThrillersPI Thriller