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Ιστορία πολιτισμός και πρόοδος Murray Bookchin

Ιστορία πολιτισμός και πρόοδος

Murray Bookchin

Published 2005
77 pages
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 About the Book 

Bookchin has found a way to mesh ecological ethics into a purely Western tradition. The modern American environmental/ecological movement has applied chunks of Eastern and Quasi-Eastern spirituality into the philosophy where it doesnt fit. He claims that it is due to intellectual laziness. I would argue that it is also due to a void of spirituality from the backlash of denouncing Christianitys dominion theory.Compared to Whats Next for the Ecology Movement? this book was really informative. It concentrated less on bitching about Biocentrists, Ecomystics and Deep Ecology, and more on creating a good argument FOR Social Ecology on a basic philosophical basis.Sometimes its hard to swallow some of the biocentric criticism, due to almost 20 years of putting myself into that category, but I have never seen eye-to-eye with American Greens and valued a more traditional Euro-Green approach infused with a more social Libertarian bias.Bookchin didnt have to sway me by being critical of other views within the modern enviro movement, but simply laying out the theoretical argument for Social Ecology was persuasive.