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Valley of Valor Cynthia S. Griffith

Valley of Valor

Cynthia S. Griffith

Published December 17th 2013
ISBN : 9781494344719
138 pages
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 About the Book 

Whatever you do, do not let them know your true identity! Noble whispered to the young prince. Remember, I am your brother Henry and you are John. Everything had changed in an instant. One minute they were enjoying the serenity of a ride through the forest on a beautiful autumn morning, and the next, they were surrounded by a ring of arrows pointed straight at them. Ambushed! Fear and guilt flooded over Noble. How could he have allowed this to happen? He, whose charge it was to protect Prince William above all else! Now it appeared they were in the hands of a gang of fierce criminals and what could he do? Courage and skill he had, but he was only one knight.To the edge of a deep ravine the men led them. Noble suddenly realized where they were. He had never been there before, but there was no doubt in his mind. He had heard frightening tales from the time of his childhood of this place, a secret place of perpetual twilight and crushing dread where even brave men shivered and heroes quaked. Noble knew they were merely old wives tales, but still a cold chill seemed to blow now across his neck and down his spine. They stood at the edge of Glyn Tywyll and their path led down into its mysterious blackness. Glyn Tywyll-the Dark Valley- Glyn Tywyll, also called Glyn Tranc-the Valley of Death.Noble and Michael are held prisoner in the narrow valley, but to their surprise, they find they are not alone. Four children, as lost and captive as they, are concealed in the shadows of Glyn Tywyll. Hidden treasure, Noble and Michael think of them-precious jewels. Can they rescue them? Can they even save themselves? Time is running out. Catastrophe is bearing down on them all.In Valley of Valor, the sixth volume in the Noble Heart series, Noble struggles with feelings of failure and guilt as he seeks to protect those entrusted to his care. He is reminded that, as with Joseph and his brothers in the Scriptures, often when men seek to do evil, God means it for good. Nobles journey to maturity continues throughout the series of books as he seeks to follow and trust God through every test and trial that comes his way. The stories are entertaining and exciting, full of adventure and mystery-but they are encouraging, as well, meant to inspire and influence young people in their own life journeys.Parents can expect good, wholesome literature in the Noble Heart series-upholding godly values without excessive violence, bad language, the occult, immoral conduct or disobedience to authority. Whether read alone or as a family, these books will uplift and nurture all.Cover art beautifully done by Sarah Lowe.Other books in the Noble Heart series: Flight of the Falcon Quest for the Kingdom Shadow of the Dark Knight Winter of the White Wolf Sea of Honor A Heros Heart